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In IT security and sales, you can't close all the gaps! But where do you start to scale your ARR? Our specialized approach enables you to locate gaps, quantify them and prioritize decisions. Step-by-step, we thus leverage the potentials that most influence your sales success. In addition, you will gain profound insights into your sales performance in order to make targeted and effective strategy adjustments. Together we design your customized "Road-To-Success".


How to measure your business performance?

We help business owner and sales leaders really understand their pipeline, for a more accurate forecast. By providing a suite of KPI´s you get a clear understanding of your business' health. Once you have the right KPIs, it's important to track them on a regular basis. By doing so, you'll be able to take corrective action and improve your business operations. Wouldn't it be great to see an increase in profits as a result?

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For every industry, for every product, there are suitable and unsuitable channels to reach your target audience. The first step is therefore to find out who the target group is and how to reach your ideal prospect.

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Visibility doesn't help anyone grow if the information is irrelevant to your target audience. We look at how many people are attracted by the visibility of your solution and demand has been created.

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Are you still chasing every prospect? We will check how many of your sales pitches match your ideal customer profile and show you how to separate the good sales opportunities from the bad ones.

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Win Rate

We all get up every morning to inspire new customers and create added value. We will have a look into the engine room and see how good and valuable the journey really is for potential customers, and thereby find approaches to scale your revenues.

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Customer Success

SaaS and subscription businesses are rarely profitable with the first commitment of a new client. For sustainable revenue growth, winning new logos is as much our focus as churn and retention.


You don't understand why your prospects prefers to buy from your competitors.

You don't know what to focus on to boost lead flow and maximize your revenue.

You are unable to accurately measure the success of your customer acquisition efforts.

You don't know why prospects do not become paying customers of your premium solution.


You are not able to track customer satisfaction levels and proactively address any issues.

You can't identify trends in customer behavior and increase customer commitment.

You are not able to accurately measure your ROI across your sales and marketing campaigns.

You miss out on potential opportunities to increase revenue by targeting the right clients.


Your Impact



You will get a data-based view of your customer journey and sales process.
By monitoring performance, sales teams can identify trends and adjust their strategies accordingly.




By tracking performance metrics, teams will identify and address areas that need improvement. This will result in more effective processes and less time spent on unproductive activities.




By understanding customer needs and improving efficiency, You will better meet customer demand and increase their win rate. Growth will be generated through key performance indicators.



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