We Architect Your
Recurring Revenue

Sales Consulting, Interim Management or Sales Outsourcing, we guarantee you new ARR and a scalable German sales engine.

Concept & Execution

How it works

Do you want to systematically increase your sales?
We guarantee new revenue for your organization, whether you want to enter new markets or move to a SaaS model.

Our high-performing sales team is dedicated to implementing our sales system and winning new logos in the name of your company. After successful process validation, we coach your teams along the entire customer journey and thus ensure sustainable growth for your business.

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During a discovery, we get a deep understanding of the customer's needs and challenges, and the customer learns more about the product or service being offered. We see this call as the most important stage in the sales process because it sets the foundation for the entire sales cycle.



To show your prospects the value your solution bring to their business, we create professional playbooks and pitch your solution on your company's behalf. Our services include on-site pitches, as well as webinars.



We take care that your prospects understand the value of your solution and its strategic advantages. We deliver proposals quickly and accurately. Likewise, we focus on the needs and goals of your prospects and take care of the follow-up.



Our team of experienced negotiators can work with buyers and CFOs to reach a mutually beneficial agreement. We analyze all aspects of the deal, including timelines, costs, and potential outcomes. We will also provide advice and guidance on how to interpret and interpret agreements.



Through an aligned process with all stakeholders, we create regular touchpoints to maintain commitment and professionally guide your prospects and customers through their decision-making process.



Your pipeline is full but your win rate is low

It takes months to get a decision from prospects

You are often ghosted by prospects

Your counterparts do not get budget for your solution



To close deals, you often have to give discounts

It is very time-consuming to create offers

It is difficult to process prospects in a timely manner

It's hard for you to win customers remotely


Your Impact

Working with us brings a wealth of benefits to your business. Here are the three most important positive effects when you work with us



You'll gain the expertise you need to identify and target the right markets, develop effective sales strategies, and maximize the sales potential of your products or services. This leads to more sales for your company.




We will provide systemized service that solves your customers' problems and helps them make informed decisions. This leads to higher customer satisfaction, more referrals and better brand awareness.




You will ensure that your salespeople work in a more efficient, organized and productive manner. This leads to improved processes and better use of resources, which in turn leads to higher quality work and faster results.



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